Duvell 6 QATSI / Juice Burst / John Browne Signature

DUVELL has a top notch quality you expect from every Mayones! Its sharp edges and pointy horns leaves nothing to the imagination – this is not an instrument for little girls!

  • Quilted Maple 3A top
  • American Ash T.E.W. body
  • 5-ply Wenge-Bubinga neck
  • Slick 6-screw bolt-on neck joint
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • 24 Extra Jumbo Stainless Steel frets
  • Luminlay Super Blue side dots
  • Hipshot Grip-Lock Locking tuners
  • Schaller Hannes bridge
  • H-H / Bare Knuckle Nailbomb (bridge) + Cold Sweat (neck) / Green-Lime Zebra bobbins
  • 1xVolume (push-pull for coil splitting) + 3-way lever pickup selector
  • Custom Monuments Wenge Dome knob
  • Juice Burst finish
  • John Browne Signature Electronics Cavity Cover
  • Duvell QATSI truss rod cover
  • Graph Tech nut, Switchcraft jack, Schaller Security Straplocks, Hardcase


MESA/Boogie® Mini-Rectifier® 25


The MESA/Boogie® Mini Rectifier® stands ready to show you just how big 12 pounds can sound. Lurking within this compact all-tube amplifier, lies one of our most expressive and nuance-enhancing circuits to date and it creates an exciting, adrenaline-producing Tone machine…one of the most fun to play in the entire MESA® collection.

Two independent channels and four style modes deliver everything from sparkling cleans to aggressive fury. The Mini Rectifier’s Channel 1 focuses on rhythm sounds, both clean and overdriven. The CLEAN Mode delivers sparkling, big headroom rhythm sounds that breathe with rich, warm air on the bottom end. When driven to clip and combined with the 10-Watt Power setting, this Mode misbehaves with real attitude and shines for urgent, yet soulful, Blues solo sounds and furry Rock rhythm. Channel 2 features the iconic Recto high gain sounds – the iconic liquid wall of VINTAGE and the aggressive fury of MODERN. VINTAGE excels at thick, high gain chording and single note soloing with an elastic feel and a broad harmonic spread. It has a looser, more organic sound and the overdrive drapes itself around the notes creating a huge, three-dimensional image.


MESA’s patented Multi-Watt Power provides dedicated switchable wattage options of 10 or 25 Watts per Channel, unveiling different power characteristics and colors from it’s EL-84 based Power Amp.
We keep saying it, but it’s hard to overstate the effectiveness and stylistic “power” of the Multi-Watt™ Channel Assignable Power switches. These dedicated wattage range choices unveil different power characteristics and colors – so they are really also power “voicing” switches as well. In this Recto, the choice of EL84 power tubes with their amazing clip characteristics, prompted us to explore the different wiring schemes possible. This experimentation led to the 10-Watt power mode being wired for Triode operation. This “more vintage” wiring scheme sweetens and rounds out the sound, turning what might otherwise be a lower volume version of the same voice, into a more “soulful” Recto experience.

The 25-Watt setting offers a more bold attack, tighter tracking low end, increased definition and all out headroom. This setting works great with all the sounds and certainly showcases the mightiness in the Mini Rectifier, shocking unsuspecting players and bystanders alike with power and sonic size. But any time you need to tame this little beast and put a vintage patina of warmth and silkiness around things… kick down to 10-Watts and enjoy a whole new and different world of Recto expression. Whether you’re rockin’ hard or putting the immense versatility of the Mini’s four Modes to bear on a variety of styles, you’ll get years of inspiration and enjoyment from this little gas-in-glass-powered jewel. We always strive to build classics, icons that you’ll treasure amongst your most valuable musical instruments. The Mini Rectifier Twenty-Five stands ready to show you just how big 12 pounds can sound.

MESA/Boogie 1×12 Mini Recto® Slant Cabinet

The sealed, closed-back 1×12 Mini Recto® cabinets were designed to complement the MESA/Boogie® Mini Rectifier® Twenty-Five amp and have quickly become one of the most popular 1×12 cabinets MESA makes. Their popularity is likely due to their Mini-stack looks, but these cabinets definitely have the bite to back up the bark. Compared to the Standard Rectifier 1×12, Mini Rectifier 1x12s are slightly more focused in the bass and more balanced overall across the whole range of bass, middle and treble frequencies. Paired with a second Mini Recto Cab (slant or straight) the volume potential AND the tone is MASSIVE! Not to mention the awesome style factor when you get two of these cabs together.

You simply won’t find a better cabinet. ALL MESA® ENCLOSURES are made using the finest Void-free, Marine Grade Baltic Birch. Super strong rabbet corners are glued and nailed. Mini Rectifier cabs come stock with Vintage 30 speakers that are Custom Made for MESA/Boogie in Celestion’s Ipswich, England facility. Speaker baffles are fitted with superior dado joint construction and braced. Grilles are wrapped around a separate grille board, not the baffle board. Grille material is made of strong twisted jute dipped in a special coating that filters top end for a sweeter response. Do not underestimate the potential of the Mini Recto 1×12 Cabs – these cabs sound as good as they look!



Whether you’re tracking or performing, POD HD X multi-effects give you control and flexibility for studio and stage. POD HD500X offers all the ins and outs you need to connect your stage equipment and record in the studio.

Featuring extraordinary depth, character and versatility, POD® HD500X is the best-in-class multi effects for guitarists who want to take deep control over every aspect of their tone. Tweak amp and effects parameters and develop truly original tones. Use your POD HD500X as a MIDI controller, an audio interface for recording guitar, and the centerpiece of your live rig. With award-winning technology and all the power you need to define your sound, POD HD500X is the most advanced POD multi-effects—ever.

POD HD X multi-effects come complete with a sought-after collection of HD amps and guitar effects, and deliver the most stunningly detailed tones in their class. Create lush sonic soundscapes and inspire your playing with studio-quality effects. You can even expand your tonal palette by adding amp model packs—available from our online store. POD HD X multi-effects give you the building blocks to create any signal chain imaginable.

POD HD 500X has more processing power than any other multi-effect in their class. Dynamic DSP lets you stack the amps and effects you want—where you want them—to craft unique new guitar tones or re-create celebrated classics. POD HD X multi-effects give you the freedom to innovate, and the power to express your creativity.

Sonic portVX

The Sonic Port family represents the next generation of professional-quality mobile recording for musicians on the go. Easily develop song ideas and capture unparalleled multi-track audio from vocals, keys, guitars, bass, drums and more—anywhere, anytime inspiration strikes. Plus, create and share customized guitar tones with an online community of artists.


Record amazing tracks anywhere.
With Sonic Port™ VX, it’s finally possible to record complete songs anywhere inspiration strikes. The guitar/bass input features 120dB of dynamic range for incomparable tone and best-in-class dynamics. A stereo line input lets you record keys, drum machines, DJ mixers and other sources. Zero-latency monitoring means you can record without distraction. And with professional-level 1/4” stereo outputs, you can easily connect studio monitors and perfect your mixes. With Sonic Port VX, the world is your studio.


Every pickup we make at Bare Knuckle is wound and made entirely by hand, in-house, by a dedicated team of pickup winders headed by Bare Knuckle founder and MD Tim Mills. Everyone at Bare Knuckle is fanatical about music and plays guitar either on amateur or professional levels.
We don’t allow sets of hypothetical rules to determine how our pickups sound; we use our hands and our ears. All of our pickups are designed, voiced and tested in rehearsal; in the studio; on stage; anywhere but on paper and always in the hands of a guitar player.

Time and price aren’t the deciding factors in Bare Knuckle pickup construction – ultimate tone and reliability is!

We are totally committed to producing the best sounding pickups possible supported by exceptional customer service so that you can get on with playing the guitar, knowing you’ve got the ultimate pickup for the job. After all, that’s why we’re here in the first place and why we warranty our pickups not just for a few years but for life!



EZdrummer 2 takes drum production to a whole new level. It was designed to erase any technical barrier between you and your creativity and introduces several groundbreaking features for quick and easy songwriting.


EZdrummer 2 is without a doubt the best sounding, most intuitive and creatively gratifying software environment for drum production on the market – a perfect marriage of sound, form and function.


The drums for EZdrummer 2 were recorded at one of the most meticulously built recording facilities in the world; Mark Knopfler’s British Grove Studios in London, England. Combining some of the most sought-after and rare vintage consoles, outboard effects and microphones with the best of the best in state of the art recording technology, the studio serves as a perfect combination of how old and new can come together in perfect harmony.



World’s first side-carry hybrid gig bag is the easiest and most practical way to carry guitars and basses. Boasts a multi-access compartment, full-length flat storage for your guitar strap, a laptop area, and a radical unique, ergonomic design.


Our world-famous FretWraps are now available in single packs by popular demand. Reduce overtones and string vibration noise with this simple yet effective professional guitar and bass accessory


Meticulously hand-crafted to create a blend of form and function that begs to be worn and shown off, the new SoloStrap boasts resilient contour padding wrapped with a beautiful garment leather top and an anti-slip suede bottom creates a lasting personal fit, with soft-rolled padded sides where it matters!